What Is Creamed Cottage Cheese?

creamed style cottage cheese

creamed style cottage cheese

There are two main types of cottage cheese: dry curd and regular. Dry curd cottage cheese is sometimes called farmer cheese or baker’s cheese. Both are made by transforming milk from a liquid to cheese curds. Curds can form through heat and/or by adding an enzymes like rennet to milk.  Dry curd cottage cheese is dry because  the majority of liquid is pressed out. It does not have the milky wetness like regular cottage cheese found in grocery stores. That is because regular cottage cheese has cream/milk added to it at the end of manufacturing to give it a creamy texture. Creamed cottage cheese is typically identified by its milkfat percentage. It will have 4 percent or greater milkfat. It is often called full fat, regular cottage cheese.

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  1. Back when until the 70s almost all 4% MF Cottage Cheese was Labeled CREAMED COTTAGE CHEESE lowfat was not…. after that an anti fat attitude led to the word CREAMED being removed from most. 1 Exception I know is Axelrods CREAMED WHIPPED that is sold in the NY Metro area and maybe others …

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