Whipped Butter vs Regular Butter

regular butter bs whipped butter

Many of us are fortunate enough to have many options when it comes butter at the grocery store. However, with so many choices, there is often a lot of confusion. One of those confusions, for many, is the difference between whipped butter vs regular butter. Let’s take a closer look at the two products.

What is whipped butter? Whipped butter is butter that has had air  or inert gas whipped into it. The whipping of butter increases its volume due to the extra air. In other words, one pound of whipped butter would appear much larger than one pound of stick butter because of the air.

The main purpose of whipped butter is  to make spreading easy on things like bread or pancakes. However, it often very hard straight out of the refrigerator and not easily spreadable until softened a bit at room temperature. Essentially, you shouldn’t expect whipped butter to spread easily like a butter spread made from a mix a butter and oil.

The extra air in whipped butter makes it a difficult substitute for regular butter in a recipe. For example, a recipe might call for one tablespoon of regular butter, however, the equivalent in whipped butter is not one tablespoon due to the extra air or gas include in it. It is very difficult to get a comparable measurement of whipped butter to regular butter.

In conclusion, whipped butter is regular butter with air or gas mixed into it. You can make whipped butter from regular butter at home by adding a stick of  butter to your food processor and mixing it until softened and full of air. Alternately, you can add one cup of regular butter and 4 tablespoons of milk to a mixer or food processor and whip until fluffy.

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