Does White Bread Have Dairy? (Answered)

It’s no secret that many baked goods have dairy. But, does white bread contain dairy? We answer that question below by informing readers if some of the most popular white bread products have dairy. Here is what readers need to know about dairy in white bread…

Is There Dairy In White Bread?

We would love to be able to tell you either yes or no on whether white bread has dairy. However, the table below makes it clear that some white bread products have dairy as an ingredient while others do not.

Common dairy ingredients in white bread (when used) include whey, butter, and buttermilk.

White BreadDairy (Yes or No)?Dairy Ingredients
Sunbeam GiantYesWhey
Sara Lee ClassicNo None
Pepperidge Farm Hearty WhiteYesWhey
Soft ‘N Good GiantYesModified Whey
Brownberry Country -Style WhiteYesWhey, Butter
Dave’s Killer White Bread Done RightNoNone
Udi’s Soft WhiteNoNo
Aunt Millie’s Buttermilk White BreadYesButtermilk,
Canyon Bakehouse Gluten-Free Country WhiteNoNone
ButterKrust Large NoNone
Oroweat Country WhiteYesWhey, Butter
Inked Organics Great White BreadNoNone
Nature’s Own Perfectly Crafted White BreadNoNone
Whole Foods 365 White Sandwich BreadNoNone
Kroger Enriched White BreadNoNone
Simple Truth OrganicNoNone
Market Pantry White Sandwich BreadNoNone
HEB Round Top Large WhiteYesButter, Nonfat Dry Milk

Final Thoughts

We highly recommend that you read the ingredients and allergen disclosure on the bread label if dairy or other food allergens are a concern for you. The product label will provide the most accurate information regarding what is in a particular white bread brand.

Keep in mind that while some products may not have dairy as an ingredient, they may be made in a facility that uses dairy where the potential for cross-contamination exists. This may be disclosed on the label or contact the manufacturer when in doubt if consuming trace amounts of dairy is a concern for you.