Is Feta Cheese Dairy?

feta cheese alternative

Feta is a Greek white cheese that holds a lot of flavor and saltiness. The saltiness of feta comes from the liquid it sits in called brine. Brine is usually made from a mixture of salt and water. Feta is very versatile and goes great on foods like pizzas, salads, vegetables, pasta, omelets, bread, and much …

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Is Feta Cheese Good For You?

is feta cheese healthy for you

Feta is the most famous Greek cheese in the United States and is common in many dishes. Feta is often found in salads, omelets, pizza, burgers, quiches, and much more. It is traditionally made in Greece from a combination of goat’s and sheep’s milk. An authentic Greek feta will be made from no less than …

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Ricotta vs Cottage Cheese

cottage cheese vs ricotta

Since ricotta and cottage cheese are often compared, we decided to do an article on ricotta vs cottage cheese. In recipes, they’re often substituted for each other. The most popular switch is in lasagna where there are many layers and flavors that make it difficult to detect a taste difference with substitution. In most recipes (including …

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Lactose Free Cheese

is there lactose free cheese

Lactose is the natural sugar found in dairy milk. People who have lactose intolerance have difficulty trying to digest lactose because the body cannot easily break down the sugar. Those that have lactose intolerance have varying degrees of  symptoms. Some symptoms may include bloating, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, cramps, and gas. Additionally, the tolerance level of …

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What Kind Of Cheese Is On Pizza?

what kind of cheese is used on pizza

What kind of cheese is on pizza? It varies from the home or pizzeria where it is made. There are many types or blends of cheeses that can appear on a pizza. However, mozzarella is the king and overwhelmingly favorite pizza cheese topping. If you were to randomly order 10 pizza throughout the United States, …

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Fontina Cheese Substitute

fontina cheese substitute

Fontina is a cow’s milk Italian cheese made specifically in Aosta Valley (the Alps). There are also other varieties such as Danish or Swedish Fontina that are less expensive, but still hold up in flavor. You are most likely to come across a Danish Fontina in the U.S., but it isn’t typically Kraft cheese cheap. …

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Is Cheese Gluten Free?

is blue cheese gluten free

If you ever have taken a good look at the cheese section in your grocery store, you probably know the vast variety of cheeses available. In my grocery store, there is the specialty cheese section with the higher end or more expensive cheeses and the dairy section with the more commercial varieties. It is very …

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Can You Freeze Cheese?

Can you freeze cheese? Many people have asked this question because maybe their cheese is about to expire or there is a killer deal where you want to stock up on favorite cheese. In general, it is a difficult question to answer because there are just so many different types of cheese available. There are …

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