Carbs in Cheddar Cheese

carbs in cheddar cheese

The ingredients in cheddar are simply milk, salt, and enzymes. The carbs in cheddar cheese are low, as seen below because the only source of potential carbs is from the milk. Milk contains a natural sugar known as lactose, which is generally the source of the carbs. However, a cheese like cheddar typically ages for …

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Does Goat Cheese Have Lactose?

goat cheese lactose

You probably have wondered “does goat cheese have lactose?” if you love this type of cheese but have difficulty digesting lactose. Milk coming from mammals like cows,  goats, and even humans contains the natural milk sugar known as lactose. Goat cheese does have lactose because it is derived from goat’s milk. However, many people with …

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Can You Freeze Ricotta Cheese?

can i freeze ricotta

[featured-img] Can you freeze ricotta cheese? Ricotta cheese seems to be one of those products that many of us buy for a recipe but don’t always use all of it. I don’t know how many times I have used half a container, push it to the back of the refrigerator, forgot about it, and later …

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Is There Sugar In Cheese?

does cheese have sugar

Is there sugar in cheese? Cheese is made from milk, which naturally contains a sugar known as lactose. The majority of cheese will have some degree of sugar as a result of the milk sugar. However, it not common for a cheese to have added sugar. The typical main ingredients of cheese are simply milk, …

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Is Feta Cheese Dairy?

feta cheese alternative

Feta is a Greek white cheese that holds a lot of flavor and saltiness. The saltiness of feta comes from the liquid it sits in called brine. Brine is usually made from a mixture of salt and water. Feta is very versatile and goes great on foods like pizzas, salads, vegetables, pasta, omelets, bread, and much …

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Is Feta Cheese Good For You?

is feta cheese healthy for you

Feta is the most famous Greek cheese in the United States and is common in many dishes. Feta is often found in salads, omelets, pizza, burgers, quiches, and much more. It is traditionally made in Greece from a combination of goat’s and sheep’s milk. An authentic Greek feta will be made from no less than …

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