Is Parmesan Cheese Dairy?

is Parmesan Dairy

 Question: Is parmesan cheese dairy? Answer: True parmesan cheese, called Parmigiano-Reggiano, is made from just milk, rennet, and salt. This is the good stuff made in only certain provinces of northern Italy. Unpasteurized cow’s milk is the main ingredient used to make this type of parmesan cheese.  It is a dairy product just like all other milk-based cheeses. Grated …

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Is Feta Cheese Vegan?

Is feta cheese vegan

Question: Is feta cheese vegan? Answer: A vegan does not eat sources of food derived from animals. They also refrain from using products made from animal byproducts. Things like leather, wool, or down are a no go for vegans. Traditionally, feta cheese is made from sheep’s milk or a combination of sheep and goat’s milk. The …

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How Long Can Cheese Sit Out?

cheese room temperature

Question: How long can cheese sit out? Answer: Not all cheeses are built the same when it comes to leaving them outside of the refrigerator. Some types of cheese fare better than others when not refrigerated. Generally, soft cheeses like cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, and cream cheese should not be left out for extended periods. …

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Is Ricotta Cheese Gluten Free?

is ricotta gluten free

Every day it seems that more and more people are questioning which foods contain gluten. As we learn more about it, our awareness increases about the potentially harmful side effects of gluten. We are here to answer one specific question related to gluten and that is “Is ricotta cheese gluten free? Ricotta cheese would have to contain …

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Is Goat Cheese Dairy?

is goat cheese dairy free

A large portion of cheese products are made from cow’s milk. Cow’s milk cheeses generally include blue cheese, cheddar, brie, fontina, Parmigiano-Reggiano, mozzarella, swiss, and  much more. We could literally have pages full that list cow cheese products. Cow milk is what most people think of when they think of dairy. Cow milk is the primary …

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Can Pregnant Women Eat Feta Cheese?

feta and pregnancy

There is concern over eating cheese while pregnant due to a harmful bacteria known as listeria (listeriosis). Some varieties of cheese and unpasteurized dairy have been known to be contaminated with this bacteria.  It can also be found in  foods like uncooked meats, uncooked vegetables, lunch meats, and hot dogs. It can be killed by adequately …

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