String Cheese Brands

brands of string cheese

Maybe it is just us, but string cheese seems to taste much better when pulled off in a strip as opposed to just taking a big bite. There is something pleasurable and unique about eating string cheese a strip at a time. In the United States, string cheese is usually made from low-moisture mozzarella that is formed into about a five-inch cylindrical stick of cheesy goodness. However, it wasn’t that long ago that the idea of just one string cheese brand was non-existent.

String cheese was first developed in 1976 by Frank Baker of Baker Cheese. It was initially made already in strings that had been soaked in salt water. A few years later it was transformed into the cylinder shape that we know today, which could be peeled. The concept soon caught fire and it was a big seller in grocery stores, especially for kids. Today, there are several string cheese brands including Baker Cheese (Baker Brand) who still manufactures string cheese.

We have compiled a list below of string cheese brands. Note that many brands produce string cheese made from mozzarella in addition to other types of cheese that come in a similar cylindrical shape. The list includes mozzarella string cheese and these other types of cheeses since they are often considered when purchasing snacking cheese.

String Cheese Brands

365 Everyday Value – regular string cheese, light string cheese, colby, colby jack, mild cheddar.

Baker Brand – regular string cheese, light string cheese, smoked string cheese.

Borden – regular string cheese, lite string cheese, kid builder string cheese, mild cheddar, pepper jack, reduced fat colby jack, reduced fat sharp, sharp, colby, double twist.

Crystal Farms – string cheese, light string cheese, spiral string cheese, reduced fat marble jack, cheddar, marble jack, pepper jack.

Frigo – regular string cheese, string swirls and colby jack cheese variety pack, string and swirls variety pack, colby jack.

Galbani – organic string cheese, part skim string cheese, reduced fat string cheese, italian snack cheese, cheddar snack cheese, colby jack snack cheese, pepper jack snack cheese, reduced fat colby jack snack cheese.

Horizon Organic – part skim string cheese, colby sticks.

Kraft – regular string cheese, reduced fat string cheese, twist (mozzarella & cheddar), reduced fat twist (mozzarella & cheddar), cracked black pepper string cheese, tomato basil string cheese, jalapeno string cheese.

Market Pantry – part skim string cheese, light string cheese, double twist.

Organic Valley – part skim string cheese, medium cheddar.

Polly-O – regular string cheese, reduced fat string cheese, twists (mozzarella & cheddar), reduced fat twists (mozzarella & cheddar).

Sargento – regular string cheese, light string cheese, sharp cheddar, reduced fat sharp cheddar, extra sharp cheddar, cheddar & mozzarella, sharp cheddar jack, colby jack, double cheddar, pepper jack, vermont cheddar.

Trader Joe’s – regular string cheese, light string cheese.

Weight Watchers – light string cheese, light smoked mozzarella string cheese, light jalapeno string cheese, reduced fat colby jack, reduced fat cheddar.

Please comment below if you have a brand to add to this list.

Photo Credit: Quinn Dombrowski