Organic Cottage Cheese Brands

organic cottage cheese


Organic food demand has been on the rise over the last few years and is expected to continue to grow. The Washington Times recently reported that according to “United States Organic Food Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018”, the organic food market in the United States will grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of about 14% during 2014-18. In fact, the demand for organic milk is so large that it is creating shortages in some supermarkets. While demand keeps increasing, there is significant debate over whether organic foods have enhanced nutrient qualities over conventional foods. Regardless, organic is here to stay for the foreseeable future and we predict that it will keep growing well beyond 2018.

Because of the strong demand for organic foods, we have decided to put a list together of organic cottage cheese brands. We have also provided the products available for each of these brands. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of what is available near you.  Please comment at the end of this article if you notice we missed a brand or product and we will update the list.

organic cottage cheese

Organic Cottage Cheese Brand & Products

Horizon Organic
Lowfat (2%) Cottage Cheese
Regular (4%) Cottage Cheese

Organic Valley
Lowfat (2%) Cottage Cheese
Regular (4%) Cottage Cheese

Kalona SuperNatural
Reduced Fat (2%) Cottage Cheese
Whole Milk (4%) Cottage Cheese

Organic Meadow
Lowfat (0.5%) Cottage Cheese
2% Cottage Cheese

Nancy’s Organic
Lowfat (1%) Cottage Cheese
Peach Fruit on Top Organic Lowfat Cottage Cheese
Strawberry Fruit on Top Organic Lowfat Cottage Cheese
Pear Fruit on Top Organic Lowfat Cottage Cheese

Trader Joe’s
Lowfat (2%) Cottage Cheese

Clover Farms
Fat-Free Cottage Cheese
Lowfat (2%) Cottage Cheese
Small Curd (4%) Cottage Cheese

Good Culture
Classic (2%)
Sundried Tomato (2%)
Kalamata Olive (2%)
Strawberry Chia (2%)
Blueberry Acai Chia (2%)

Whole Foods (365)
Fat-Free Cottage Cheese