Cottage Cheese

Discover the benefits and disadvantages to eating cottage cheese. Learn about cottage cheese nutrition, health, and brand information.

Is Cottage Cheese Good For You?

is cottage cheese healthy?

Many people enjoy eating cottage cheese, but wonder just how nutritious it is. Is cottage cheese good for you? The short answer is Yes! But what makes it such a nutritious food? A Good Source of Protein Cottage cheese is a very good source of protein. It contains all the amino acids necessary to qualify as …

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Organic Cottage Cheese Brands

organic cottage cheese

  Organic food demand has been on the rise over the last few years and is expected to continue to grow. The Washington Times recently reported that according to “United States Organic Food Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018”, the organic food market in the United States will grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of …

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Can You Freeze Cottage Cheese?

freeze cottage cheese

Why and How To Freeze Your Cottage Cheese Cottage cheese, like other dairy products, is a great source of protein and other nutrients. It is also an easy, tasty snack that is enjoyed by many people and their families, especially children. When it goes on sale at the grocery store, you might be tempted to …

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What Is Creamed Cottage Cheese?

creamed style cottage cheese

There are two main types of cottage cheese: dry curd and regular. Dry curd cottage cheese is sometimes called farmer cheese or baker’s cheese. Both are made by transforming milk from a liquid to cheese curds. Curds can form through heat and/or by adding an enzymes like rennet to milk.  Dry curd cottage cheese is …

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Can Dogs Eat Cottage Cheese?

cottage cheese for dogs

Many dog owners look at the diet of dry food that their pets eat and feel that they must be craving something more! Although most veterinarians recommend giving a high-quality commercial food to ensure that dogs are receiving all the necessary nutrients in their diet, supplementing with a small amount of “people food” can give …

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Cottage Cheese Casein Benefits

Casein in cottage cheese

One of the many benefits of cottage cheese is that it contains high amounts of casein protein. Casein is a protein found in milk with the other being whey. About 80% of cow’s milk contains casein protein with 20% being whey protein. Cottage cheese is almost always commercially manufactured from cow’s milk; therefore,  the main …

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