Cottage Cheese

Discover the benefits and disadvantages of eating cottage cheese. Learn about cottage cheese nutrition, health, and brand information.

Benefits of Cottage Cheese

health benefits of cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is tough to beat when it comes to its nutritional benefits. The health benefits of cottage cheese surpass many other foods, making it an ideal choice for someone seeking a nutritious snack or meal option. Some of the benefits included high protein, high calcium,  low carbs, and high B vitamins. In its simplest …

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Low Fat Cottage Cheese Nutrition

is low fat cottage cheese healthy

The typical cottage cheese varieties include the following milkfat percentages: nonfat, 1%, 2%, and 4%. Low-fat cottage cheese usually refers to 1% milkfat while reduced fat refers to 2% milkfat. However, you will occasionally see a 2% milkfat cottage cheese labeled as low fat. Yeah, totally confusing, but the government does not require strict labeling …

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Cottage Cheese During Pregnancy?

cottage cheese in pregnancy

Cottage Cheese and Pregnancy Pregnancy can be difficult to navigate when it comes to food. In today’s world, women have a long list of foods that they are advised to avoid during pregnancy. Unfortunately for pregnant cheese lovers, there are several types of cheese that are not safe to eat because they are often unpasteurized. Some …

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Ways To Eat Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is typically consumed as a side to a meal or alone as a snack. It can become boring, especially if you eat it often and may need an extra kick from time to time. The good news for cottage cheese lovers is that there are many ways to eat it. It is a …

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Substitutes for Cottage Cheese 

Although cottage cheese is a great food for cooking, snacking, and supplementing a healthy diet, there are times when you might find yourself without any available. When that happens, you need to know what you can use as a substitute for cottage cheese.   Plain Eating Cottage cheese makes a great snack, plain or served …

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Types of Cottage Cheese

  You may have noticed many types of cottage cheese in your grocery dairy section and wondered what the difference was between them all. Outside of the several brands that are available, there are different types of milkfat percentages and curd sizes. We will explain what this all means below. Cottage Cheese Milkfat There are …

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How Long Does Cottage Cheese Last?

spoiled cottage cheese

Cottage cheese is a dairy product (made from milk) so at some point is does go bad. However, there are many factors that determine the length of time before cottage cheese spoils. No brand or product is the same because they each contain different levels of preservatives. Not keeping cottage cheese at an appropriate temperature …

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