What Is Uncreamed Cottage Cheese?

dry curd cottage cheese

dry curd cottage cheeseCottage cheese is made by curdling milk to form cheese curds. These curds are separated and drained from the liquid portion (whey). In most store bought cottage cheese products, cream is added to the curds at the end of production to create that classic chunky but slightly runny cottage cheese texture. Uncreamed cottage cheese (dry curd cottage cheese) is not commonly found in supermarkets because people have grown to love the taste of creamed cottage cheese.

If you are having difficulty finding uncreamed cottage cheese, you can make your own with creamed (regular) cottage cheese. You can dump a container of creamed cottage cheese into a colander and rinse the curds with water until the cream portion of the cottage cheese is drained away. This basically leaves a mostly uncreamed curd with a lot less flavor.

Washing away the cream creates a healthier version of cottage cheese since most of the higher calorie cream is washed away. You may need to add something like fresh fruit or another healthy topping because the taste will be impacted by the elimination of that yummy cream. You may be asking if it is really worth all the hassle of washing perfectly good cottage cheese just for a healthier variety. We have provided the nutrition facts for  uncreamed versus creamed cottage cheese below. Please decide for yourself if it is worth eating or making uncreamed cottage cheese.

Dry Curd vs Regular Cottage Cheese Nutrition Facts

Cottage Cheese VarietyServing SizeCalories Calories from FatTotal FatSaturated Fat Tran FatCholesterolSodiumCarbohydratesDietary FiberSugars ProteinVitamin A (% dv)Vitamin C (% dv)Calcium (% dv)Iron (% dv)
Dry, nonfat, uncreamed (large or small curd)1 Cup (149g) - Not Packed1044000104781003150%0%12%1%
Regular Cottage Cheese Lowfat 1%1 Cup (226g) - Not Packed163202109918606282%0%14%2%
Regular Cottage Cheese Lowfat 2%1 Cup (226g) - Not Packed1944962023746808273%0%21%2%
Regular Cottage Cheese 4%1 Cup (226g) - Not Packed22286104038822806263%0%9%0%