How Many Calories In Butter?

Calories in butter

Most of us know that butter is not the best food to eat, but how bad is it for us? Let’s take a look at the calories in butter. The measurement we will use is one tablespoon. If you look at a stick of butter it will most likely have several lines on the wrapper. One of these lines is equal to one tablespoon. Almost all sticks of butter consist of 8 tablespoons of butter. You will find that one tablespoon of butter has about 100 calories with a stick having approximately 800 calories.


How Many Calories in Butter?

Butter (Type)Serving SizeCalories Total FatSaturated Fat Tran FatCholesterolSodiumCarbohydratesDietary FiberSugars Protein
Butter, Salted1 Tbsp (14.2 g)10211.5g7.29g031mg91mg000.12