Does Cottage Cheese Have Protein?

cottage cheese protein

If you are a frequent grocery shopper, you probably have noticed the word “protein” as a marketing buzzword on food packaging. Protein has become a selling point for many products as its benefits have become popularized widespread. It is hard to not notice at least a few products in the supermarket boldly labeled as “protein” packed. In fact, food companies are finding ways to incorporate protein into their products to make them more desirable to consumers. Essentially, companies are fortifying their products with protein because they do not naturally contain protein.

Does Cottage Cheese Have Protein?

Cottage cheese does have protein and lots of it. Cottage cheese is made from milk which naturally contains protein. Generally, cottage cheese has about 26 grams per one cup serving size. This is equivalent to a serving of some meat products. Note that the protein content will vary from brand and type of cottage cheese. It is best to check the specific label of a product to confirm the actual protein. However, in a previous post, we provided the protein content for several major cottage cheese brands to make it easier for readers to determine the protein of their favorite brand. Click here for that article which provides a more in-depth look at cottage cheese protein.

Health Benefits of Cottage Cheese Protein

  • Muscle Building & Recover – Protein is responsible for encouraging muscle growth and repair. This is why athletes routinely are consuming high protein diets. Protein helps promote muscle growth, adds muscle mass when training, reduces muscle loss, and can aid in strength gains.
  • Eliminates Hunger – Cottage cheese contains casein protein. Casein is a protein that digests very slowly over several hours. Because of the slow digestive process, the body will stay fuller longer. This makes cravings or snacking less likely since your stomach will be satisfied much longer than from eating other less protein dense foods.
  • Burns More Energy – In comparison to carbohydrates, protein takes more energy to burn. This helps exhaust more calories during the digestive process.
  • Tooth Erosion Prevention – A 2011 study found that casein protein as is found in cottage cheese may help prevent tooth enamel erosion. Even if you hate cottage cheese, this may be a good reason to start liking it in order to stay out of that dreaded dentist chair.