Does Lard Go Bad?

how long does lard last

Lard almost seems like a thing of the past. It is the stuff my grandpa made pie crusts and other old world dishes. I don’t think we ever had it in our house when I was growing up. It was just something grandpa used that made his desserts and meals yummy. In an attempt to relive …

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Is Yogurt Lactose Free?

lactose free yogurt brands

A product needs to be derived from milk in order to be considered dairy. Yogurt is produced mainly from cow’s milk, but technically it can be made from any mammal animal like a goat, sheep, or buffalo. Yogurt is considered dairy because it is made from milk. There are many reasons that people do not …

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Is Cream Cheese Healthy?

is cream cheese bad for you?

When you think of cream cheese, what comes to mind might be cheesecake, bagels, dips, or frosting. These foods don’t exactly symbolize a healthy diet. In many cases, they are terrible for you if you eat them in excess. However, cream cheese is its own food; therefore, we should look at it on its own to determine …

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Is Creme Fraiche Healthy?

crème fraîche calories

Creme fraiche is one of our favorite dairy products because it is so versatile. It goes well with soups, fruits, sauces, desserts, and much more. The advantage that creme fraiche has over other dairy products like sour cream and yogurt is that it holds up to high heat very well. Sour cream or yogurt tends …

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Does Butter Have Lactose?

is butter lactose free

You have likely heard about lactose as of late, but you may not know what it is. Lactose is found in animal milk. Specifically, it is a sugar in animal milk. People who are lactose intolerant or lactose sensitive either cannot break down lactose in the body or have difficulty doing so. This is because …

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