Chocolate Milk Brands – A List Of Brands

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We have compiled a list of chocolate milk brands to make it easy for consumers to discover what in out there to drink. There are many choices available as you can see from the list below.

We did not include powders or syrups, which are mixed with milk to create chocolate milk. All products listed below are ready to drink and sold in bottles or cartons.

You can check brand specific nutrition and ingredient information by clicking on the company name below. This will take you directly to the company’s website where the information is located for most products.

Note that not all brands will be available where you live. Check the manufacturers’ websites for information on where to buy a given brand.

Brands Of Chocolate Milk

BrandMilkfat Percentages*
Alexandre Whole
Borden1%, Whole
Bowl & Basket (ShopRite store brand)1%, Whole
Brunton DairyWhole
Calder Dairy & FarmWhole
Crescent Ridge1%
Danzeisen Dairy2%
Darigold1%, 2%
Food Lion (Store Brand)1%, Whole
Friendly Farms (Aldi store brand)1%
Giant Eagle (Store Brand)1%, Whole
Great Value (Walmart store brand)1%
Guernsey Farms DairyWhole
Hatcher Family DairyTBD
Harris Teeter (Store brand)Fat-Free (CarbMaster), 1%, 2%, 3.25%
Hershey’s 2%
Hiland1%, 2%, Whole
Homestead Creamery2%, Whole
Hood1%, Whole Milk
Horizon Organic1%, 2%
Kalona Super Natural Whole
KempsFat-Free, 1%, 2%
Kirkland Signature Organic (Costco store brand)2%
Knueven CreameryTBD
Kroger (Store Brand)1%, Whole
LactaidLactose-Free Whole Milk
Lucerne (Safeway stores brand)2%, Whole
Maola1%, 2%, Whole
Marburger Farm Dairy1%, Whole
Meijer (Store Brand)1%, Whole
Mountain Dairy1%, Whole
Oakhurst1%, Whole Milk
Oberweis2% Traditional, 2% Organic
Organic Valley1% Organic
Plains DairyFat-Free, 1%
Prairie Farms1%, 2%, Whole Milk
Private Selection (A Kroger brand)Whole
Promised Land DairyWhole
Publix (Store Brand)1%, Whole
Reedsville CreameryTBD
Rosa BrothersWhole
Rosenberger’s2%, Whole
Rutter’s1%, 2%, Whole
Schneider’sFat-Free, 1%, Whole
SE Grocers (Winnie Dixie & Harvey’s store brand)1%
Shamrock Farms1%, 2%, Whole
Shatto Milk CompanyWhole
Smith’sFat-Free, 1%, 3.25%
South Mountain CreameryWhole
Sprout’s (Store Brand)1%
Straus Family Creamery (Organic)Whole
Trader Joe’s (Store Brand)3.25%
TruMoo1%, Whole
Turkey Hill1%, Whole
Twin Brook Creamery Whole
United DairyNonfat, 1%, Whole
Upstate Farms1%, 2% Lactose-Free, Intense Chocolate Milk Products
Vale Wood Farms1%, Whole
Weis Quality (Store Brand)1%, Whole
ZealWhole Grass -Fed
*Milkfat percentages may vary from what is displayed above. Check with the manufacturer of the chocolate milk for the most accurate details on product offerings.

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  1. Where can i find 2% chocolate milk in Calgary Alberta Canada. I cant find it anymore and my grandchildren expect me to have it when they come to visit. Please help.

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