Does Chocolate Milk Have Caffeine?

Does Chocolate Milk Have Caffeine

Does chocolate milk have caffeine? Many people probably wouldn’t even think to consider that chocolate milk may have caffeine. It is, after all, a staple in school cafeterias throughout America. How could good old chocolate milk have caffeine?

Chocolate milk, of course, contains chocolate. Chocolate is derived from a the inner component of a roasted cocoa bean known as a cocoa nib. Cocoa natural contains caffeine, however, the amount of caffeine depends on the type of chocolate. Generally, dark chocolate and cocoa powder contain the most caffeine while milk chocolate and syrup chocolate contain the least.

Below we have provided a sampling of some Hershey chocolate products to give you an idea of the caffeine difference between dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and syrup. As a reference, a freshly brewed cup of coffee (8 oz) has about 95 milligrams of caffeine and a can of coke (12 oz) has 34 milligrams.

Caffeine In Chocolate

Serving SizeCaffeine (mg)
Oh Henry! Bar1 bar (2 oz)3 mg
Hershey's Chocolate Syrup2 tablespoons (1.4 oz)5 mg
Kit Kat Bar1 four-piece bar (1.5 oz)6 mg
Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bar1 bar (1.5 oz)9 mg
Hershey's Kisses Milk Chocolate9 Pieces10 mg
Dagoba 59% Semisweet Dark Chocolate1/2 bar (1.5 oz)26 mg
Scharffen Berger 82% Extra Dark Chocolate Bar1/2 bar (1.5 oz)42 mg

How Much Caffeine In Chocolate Milk?

There are approximately 5 milligrams of caffeine in chocolate milk per 8 fluid ounces. The recommended daily maximum caffeine is 400 milligrams for adults and 100 milligrams for adolescents (source). A glass of chocolate milk is about 5 percent of the recommended caffeine per day for an adolescent. You would have to drink about 19 glasses (152 ounces) of chocolate milk to equal one cup of coffee. Essentially, you would likely get sick from the enormous volume of milk before you consumed enough for a caffeine buzz.  Assuming you allow at least some caffeine in your diet, the amount of caffeine in chocolate milk is very minimal.

Sugar & Calories In Chocolate Milk

The bigger concern with chocolate milk should be the calories and sugar content. A cup (8 fl oz) of chocolate milk (whole) contains about 210 calories and 24 grams of sugar. In comparison, a 12 ounce Pepsi has 150 calories and 41 grams of sugar. While some of the sugar in chocolate milk is naturally occurring through  lactose (milk sugar), the majority is added sugar. This added sugar adds to the calorie count (about 60 calories) to that of regular milk.

Below we have provided a comparison of regular milk vs chocolate milk to show the calorie and sugar differences between the two products. You can see the calories that can be saved just by switching from chocolate milk to regular.

Chocolate Milk vs Regular Milk Nutrition Facts

Milk TypeServing SizeCalories Total FatSaturated Fat CholesterolSodiumCarbohydratesDietary FiberSugars ProteinCalcium
Chocolate (whole milk)1 Cup 2088.5 g5.2 g30 mg150 mg25.8 g2 g23.8 g7.9 g280 mg
Whole Milk (3.25% milkfat)1 Cup 1497.9 g4.5 g24 mg105 mg11.7 g012.3 g7.6 g276 mg
Chocolate Milk (Reduced Fat)1 Cup1904.7 g2.9 g20 mg165 mg30.3 g1.8 g23.8 g7.4 g272 mg
Milk 2% (Reduced Fat)1 Cup1224.8 g3 g20 mg115 mg11.7 g012.3 g8 g293 mg
Chocolate Milk (Lowfat)1 Cup155 2.5 g1.4 g12 mg162 mg24.6 g0.2 g24.8 g8.6 g322 mg
Milk 1% (Lowfat)1 Cup1022.3 g1.5 g12 mg107 mg12.1 g012.6 g8.2 g305 mg
Source: USDA Nutrient Database

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