How Much Sugar In Cottage Cheese?

Low Sugar Cottage Cheese

Does Cottage Cheese Have Sugar?

You may have tried to find sugar-free cottage cheese products before but had no luck. Unfortunately, if you are looking for a sugar-free cottage cheese you likely will not find one.  As most people know, cottage cheese is made from milk. Milk naturally contains a sugar known as lactose. This is the same lactose that so many people have trouble digesting due to lactose intolerance or sensitivity. Any milk-based (almost all are) cottage cheese will have sugar content because of the lactose. It is just a question of how much?

Let’s take a look at some popular brands of cottage cheese and their sugar content. Below, We have also provided the sugar content based on the USDA Nutrient Database. This provides a more generally idea of the sugar content. While there is sugar in cottage cheese, it is relatively minimal as you will notice below. The exception is with the products that have fruit added to the cottage cheese. These products have added sugar per their ingredients, which more than doubles the sugar content of plain cottage cheese. You may need to stay away from the products with fruit if excessive sugar intake is a concern for you. Alternatively, it may be healthier to add your own fruit to your favorite plain cottage cheese.


Cottage Cheese Sugar Content

Serving size is 1/2 cup for all products below.
Cottage Cheese Brand & TypeCalories Sugar (g)
Daisy 2% Low Fat904
Daisy Regular1104
Borden Fat Free804
Borden 1% Low Fat 804
Borden 4%1103
Horizon Organic 2% Low Fat1004
Horizon Organic Regular1204
Hood Fat Free805
Hood Low Fat 1%904
Hood 1% Low Fat - No Salt Added905
Hood Country style 4%1204
Hood Large Curd 4%1204
Hood 4% with Pineapple13013
Hood Fat Free Cottage Cheese with Pineapple10014
Hood 1% Low Fat Cottage Cheese With Peaches11016
Hood 1% Low Fat Cottage Cheese With Pineapple & Cherry11014
Friendship Dairies Fat Free805
Friendship Dairies 1% Low Fat903
Friendship Dairies 1% Low Fat - Whipped903
Friendship Dairies 1% Low Fat - No Salt Added904
Friendship Dairies 2% Low Fat - Pot Style902
Friendship Dairies 4% California Style1203
Friendship Dairies 1% Low Fat with Pineapple12014
Friendship Dairies Fat Free with Pineapple11015
Shamrock Farms Traditional1003
Shamrock Farms Low Fat1004
Shamrock Farms Fat Free805
Organic Valley 4%1104
Organic Valley 2% Low Fat1003
Cabot Non Fat704
Cabot 4%1004
Simply Kraft Fat Free806
Simply Kraft 2% Low Fat905
Simply Kraft 4%1205
Crowley Non Fat905
Crowley 1% Low Fat904
Crowley 4%1203
Crowley Low Fat - No Salt Added1004
Crowley 4% with Pineapple14014
Lactaid 1% Low Fat803

Cottage Cheese Sugar Content - USDA Nutrient Database

Serving size is 1/2 cup.
Cottage Cheese Brand & TypeCalories Sugar (g)
Non Fat Cottage Cheese812
1% Cottage Cheese763.39
2% Cottage Cheese924.5
4% Cottage Cheese1113
1% Cottage Cheese with No Added Sodium813
1% Cottage Cheese with Reduced Lactose842.94

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