Edy’s Cookie Cobblestone Ice Cream Review

Under the Edy’s/Dreyer’s Rocky Road Collection, is where you will find its Cookie Cobblestone flavor. It’s sold in 14-ounce and 48-ounce sizes at many of the major grocery stores across the United States.

The key ingredients of this ice cream are chocolate ice cream, cookie dough, marshmallow swirls, and crushed chocolate cookie pieces.

First, let’s talk about the chocolate cookie pieces. These are essentially broken up cookie pieces similar to classic Oreo sandwich cookies.

The flavor of these cookies somewhat gets lost inside the chocolate ice cream base and other ingredients. However, you’ll certainly get bites where the Oreo pieces are abundant and the unmistakable Oreo cookie flavor becomes one of the star mix-in of this ice cream. That being said, your personal preference for the taste of Oreos will likely play a major factor in how much you like this ice cream.

The marshmallow swirl was minimal in the carton I purchased. I actually didn’t even realize the ice cream contained it until after I ate a couple of bowls of it. I’m sure the marshmallow swirl adds pockets of flavor but its hard to notice given the strong flavors from the other key components.

The best part of this ice cream is the cookie dough. I isolated a few pieces out of the ice cream to see how it tasted on its own without being disguised by the other ingredients.

The cookie dough is solid tasting and fresh without an artificial taste to it like some inferior commercially produced cookie doughs. However, do get the impression that it tastes like mom’s delicious homemade dough. It’s a bit toned down (blander) from that but still highly suitable for an ice cream like this with a lot of other mix-ins.

The cookie dough was abundantly scattered through the ice cream. The majority of the spoonfuls I ate had at least one small ball of dough in it. The manufacturer isn’t stingy about loading the ice cream with cookie dough which most readers, I think, will appreciate.

Overall, Edy’s Cookie Cobblestone ice cream reminds me of something Ben & Jerry’s would make. It’s a lot of flavors packed together that do a nice job of complimenting each other.

I suspect many kids love or will love this flavor. I think my daughter ate about half the carton in a few days without me knowing it and she normally paces herself with most other flavors.

To be fair, this ice cream is not for everyone. It’s just too much flavor for people that appreciate a bit more simplicity when its come to ice cream flavors. However, if you’re into cookie based ice cream with a lot of flavor, give this one a try.

Final Rating

I give this ice cream 7.4 out of 10. It’s certainly not the best ice cream out there but most people would not push the bowl away if grandma served it to them. Would I buy it if the Edy’s brand was on sale at the grocery store? Yes, without question! Would I pay full price? Likely not, but it would be tempting if I had a craving for this type of ice cream.

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