Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough Ice Cream Review

Maybe its just me, but the packaging of this ice cream gives you the idea that this is a super delicious dessert. Its has the giant Nestle Toll House logo popping out of the classic yellow background to signal that quality Toll House ingredients are used to produce it.

You also have mini morsels raining down onto a perfectly scooped bowl of ice cream gorgeously peppered with cookie dough pieces and morsels. Furthermore, the carton also clearly indicates “No Artificial Flavors or Colors” to help further attempt to signal to consumers that they aren’t messing around with crappy ingredients.

However, as most adults fully realize, well-crafted packaging doesn’t always mean that the product inside is high-quality. So, is Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough ice cream one of those products that looks nice on the outside but is disappointment when you bite into it?

The answer is yes!

The vanilla ice cream on its own is just okay. I suspect they toned down the creaminess of it because of the flavorful mix-ins. I’d say the vanilla ice cream is just average. You’d probably be content eating it on its own but its not some super premium vanilla your dying to crack into.

The bigger problem with this ice cream is the quantity of cookie dough in it. There’s just not enough of it scattered through the ice cream base. You can actually see that there is none in the scoop shown in the image above.

You’re buying this ice cream with this idea of enjoying the taste of Toll House cookies and too many bites of it are just vanilla ice cream and morsels without the dough. Totally disappointing!

The mini Nestle Toll House morsels are delicious in this ice cream and the quality you’d expect from this brand. The ice cream gives them a slight icy texture which provides them with a desirable bit of extra crunchiness. There were an abundance of them in my carton, maybe a bit too many for my taste, but I think most readers will not complain about the morsels.

Final Rating

I give this ice cream 5.9 out of 10 stars. The vanilla ice cream base is average but if you’re going to put the Toll House name on an ice cream, its quality should live up to the brand name. The cookie dough chunks are tasty but there just aren’t enough them inside the base. There are too many spoonfuls of just vanilla ice cream and mini morsels when cookie dough should be the star.

Unless you can get this ice cream on a good sale I advise to select a different ice cream. There are just too many other better chocolate chip cookie dough ice creams out there to be messing around buying this one. I truly wanted to love this one but the quality was just not there.

Note: If you’re looking for an ice cream with a lot of cookie dough, see our review of Edy’s Cookie Cobblestone.