Evaporated Milk In Coffee

Evaporated Milk In Coffee

Evaporated Milk In CoffeeIf you are a devoted coffee and cream person, you know what a nightmare it can be when the cream runs out before the next morning coffee. Drinking black coffee just isn’t an option. What to do? You can head to the store, go knocking on the neighbors door hoping they have some cream to spare, or find a substitute around the house. When in a pinch, evaporated milk in coffee is a decent substitute for your regular cream, creamer, half-and-half or similar product. There are even people that solely use evaporated milk in their coffee in lieu of other products.

What Is Evaporated Milk?

Evaporated milk often gets confused with condensed milk. There are many people who believe they are the same. We actually wrote a whole article on evaporated milk vs condensed milk so please check that out here if you want to dig deeper into the two differences. Anyway, evaporated milk is regular milk that has had approximately 60 percent of its water removed or evaporated from the product. Surprisingly, cow’s milk is about 87% water so there is a lot of room for water evaporation. Evaporated milk takes on a tan or caramel color from the heating process. It is creamier and richer than traditional milk. Note that evaporated milk is also referred to as unsweetened condensed milk.

Evaporated Milk In Coffee

Look at the ingredients of a selection of coffee creamers when you go to the store. You probably are not going to be able to recognize many of the ingredients. When cream or milk is not one of the first ingredients in your creamer, you have to question what you are drinking.

Evaporated milk is just evaporated regular milk without many of the unnecessary additives that creamers can have lingering inside. Evaporated milk is actually the old school coffee creamer. Many people used it back in the day due a lack of options.

To make coffee with evaporated milk, simply add a little bit of evaporated milk at a time to your coffee until the taste is to your liking. The complaint about using only evaporated milk in coffee is that it is not sweet enough for many taste buds. You can mix in a small amount of sugar with the evaporated milk to get the taste closer to store bought creamer. Alternately, you can use sweetened condensed milk in your coffee, which is essentially evaporated milk with sugar added to the milk. You will likely only need a couple of tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk per cup of coffee.

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  1. Thanks for this article, just what I was looking for! Haven’t had any caffeine all day, it’s the end of the day – I’m broke and have no creamer for the foldgres coffee buried in a kitchen cabinet. But I have a can of evaporated milk. Going to open it, thanks for the walk-through!

      1. Love, love love this option. I use the low fat variety every day, along with some sugar free vanilla coffee flavor. Ahhhuu-may-zing!

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