Ice Cream Flavors That Start With I

There aren’t many ice cream flavors that start with ‘I’ as you likely imagined even before coming here. Nevertheless, here are the flavors and descriptions of each. We did our best to describe the flavors but there may be variations based on them.

  • Ice Cream Cookie – A Turkey Hill flavor made with vanilla & vanilla bean with double chocolate chip cookies.
  • Icing on the Cake – A flavor of Baskin Robbins made with cake flavored ice cream, cake pieces, frosting, and candy confetti ribbon. You can get this flavor in Baskin Robbins ice cream shops or in cartons at retailers.
  • Irish Cream Brownie – It’s ice cream with a blend of whiskey, coffee, and cocoa. It also contains chocolate brownie pieces, and chocolaty swirls.
  • Irish Coffee – This flavor is typically made with coffee or espresso and Irish whiskey in a creamy ice cream base. The flavor is also called Irish Cream.
  • It’s a Goody – A flavor of Double Rainbow Ice Cream. It is made with French vanilla ice cream, ribbons of peanut butter, and fudge chips. They also make an oat milk version of this flavor called Oat’s a Goody.