Ice Cream Flavors That Start With Q

As you likely already generally knew before coming here, the number of ice cream flavors that start with ‘Q’ are few and far between. Nonetheless, below are the flavors along with descriptions of each one.

  • Quarterback Crunch – Vanilla flavored ice cream with rice crunchies in a chocolate coating and caramel ribbon. A Baskin Robbins flavor.
  • Queso – It’s a cheese flavor ice cream that is popular in the Philippines. The cheese of choice is often cheddar cheese.
  • Quince – Quince is a pear -like fruit with a sort of mellow citrus flavor. Here’s a recipe for quince streusel ice cream if you are looking to make it.
  • Quinoa – Quinoa ice is often made in a chocolate ice cream base with a chocolate mixed in such as chocolate chips.