Ice Cream Flavors That Start With Y

There aren’t a ton of ice cream flavors that start with ‘Y’. Nevertheless, the list below provides some of the more popular options along with descriptions of each flavor. We hope you find this useful for whatever purpose you need it!

  • Yam – This type of ice cream typically uses purple yams called ube which are known for their mellow and sweet flavor.
  • Yellow Cake – It features pieces of yellow cake in an often cake batter ice cream. It may have sprinkles or other cake components as well.
  • Yellow Cow – A banana ice cream with dark chocolate chunks made by Herrell’s.
  • Yellow Raspberry – This flavor is made with yellow raspberries as the key ingredient. It is not a popular flavor given that these raspberries are rare compared to the traditional reddish color berries that are routinely at grocery stores.
  • Ylang ylang – Ylang ylang is a flower that primarily grows in countries like Indonesia, Philippines, India, and Australia. Its desireable fragrance is used in things like shampoos and soaps. It is also used to flavor foods like ice cream providing a banana-like floral and jasmine taste.
  • Youngberry – Youngberry is a cross between the blackberry, raspberry, and dewberry. The fruit is sweeter than blackberries making them excellent additions to desserts like cheesecake and ice cream.
  • Yuzu – Yuzu is an Asian citrus fruit with a grapefruit/lemon like flavor. This recipe from Knead Bake Cook uses both the zest and juice from the fruit in an egg yolk and heavy cream base.