Lactose-Free Milk Brands: 21 to Sip With Ease

Lactose intolerance is a common condition that affects millions of people around the world. For people with this condition, consuming dairy products can lead to uncomfortable symptoms such as bloating, cramps, and diarrhea.

Fortunately, there are now many lactose-free milk brands available on the market that provide a solution for those who want to enjoy the benefits of milk without the unpleasant side effects.

Most of these products are made with real milk with a natural enzyme added to them called lactase. Lactase essentially breaks down the lactose in the milk to make it easy to digest.

In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the top lactose-free milk brands currently available. This article should help you make an informed decision about the best lactose-free milk brand for you. Let’s get into the details!

Brands of Lactose-Free Milk



The original Borden company dates back to 1857 when it was primarily known for its condensed milk. Today, the company runs 12 plants and close to 100 distribution centers in the Midwest. Its packaging features one of the most iconic product mascots ever, Elsie the Cow, who first appeared in the mid-1930s.

Borden makes fat-free and 2% lactose-free milk. Both contain over 8 grams of protein and provide 25% daily value of calcium per serving.

Clover Sonoma


Clover Sonoma lactose-free milk comes from cows that graze on pasture as their main diet. The cows graze at 30 family-owned farms mostly in the Northern California counties of Marin and Sonoma. They are committed to producing high-quality dairy products using sustainable and ethical practices. This lactose-free milk brand produces 1%, 2%, and whole milk in half gallon sizes.



Darigold is a Washington based dairy company that was established over 100 years ago. It now has around 500 Northwest farms in its co-op that produce billions of gallons of milk yearly.

Darigold’s lactose-free milk is ultra-pasteurized for a longer shelf-life from regular pasteurized milk. The milk contains no artificial growth hormones. It is sold in 59 fluid ounce containers in fat-free, 1%, 2%, and whole milk varieties.

Also available is Darigold Fit. This lactose-free milk has 75% more protein and 40% less sugar compared to regular whole milk. Your options are 2% white, 2% chocolate, and white whole milk.



Fairlife milk is a brand of ultra-filtered milk that has gained popularity in recent years due to its unique manufacturing process. The company uses ultra-filtration which concentrates the protein and calcium while doing away with the majority of sugar. The result is a milk with 50% more protein and 50% less sugar compared to regular milk. This lactose-free milk is available in fat-free, 2%, whole, and 2% chocolate, and 2% strawberry milk varieties.

Horizon Organic


Horizon Organic milk comes from cows that are allowed to graze on organic pastures for a minimum of 120 days per year. The milk meets USDA organic standards coming from 600 certified organic family farms across 23 states.

The cow’s that produce organic milk are given no growth hormones or antibiotics. When a cow requires antibiotics, it is removed from being able to produce organic milk.

Hozizon Organic lactose-free milk is available in 2% and whole milk varieties. You can purchase them in half gallon sizes. The milk can be found at places like Target, Walgreens, and Whole Foods.



Lactaid is one of the premier brands for lactose-free dairy that has been in business since 1974. In fact, the founder of this brand is credited for helping bring lactose-free milk to the market.

This trusted brand of lactose-free milk is available in different varieties such as skim, low-fat, and whole milk. Lactaid also makes protein milk, calcium enriched milk, shelf-stable milk, and even lactose-free chocolate milk.

This is the lactose-free milk brand to look for if you are seeking variety in this category of dairy. You can find this milk at major grocery stores like Target, Walmart, Publix, and Kroger.



LALA has been in operation since 1950. It is now the largest manufacturer of dairy in Latin America with facilities also in America. It serves both the U.S. and Mexico markets.

LALA’s lactose-free milk is made only in 2% milkfat. It is ultra high temperature pasteurized making it a shelf-stable product when unopened. It is sold in 32-ounce containers. A cup serving features 8 grams of protein, 25% calcium and 15% vitamin D daily value.



This is a Canadian milk brand made by the dairy cooperative, Agropur. It is one of the largest dairy processors globally with numerous brands under its control.

Natrel makes an assortment of lactose-free dairy products including whipping cream, butter, cheddar, ice cream, and milk. Its lactose-free milk is sold in the following varieties: fat-free, 1%, 1% chocolate, 2%, 3.25%.

Organic Valley


Organic Valley makes lactose-free milk that is made with organic milk, lactase enzyme to break down the lactose, and vitamin D3. It is available in 0%, 1%, 2%, and whole white milk varieties. They also make a 1% chocolate milk that is lactose-free.

The milk is free from antibiotics, synthetic hormones, and toxic pesticides, making it a healthier choice for many people. The cow’s are allowed a lot of pasture time which makes for health and happy animals who produce quality milk.

Organic Valley Lactose-Free Milk is an excellent choice for people who want to enjoy the taste and benefits of milk while avoiding lactose and harmful chemicals.



Parmalat uses Ultra High Temperature (UHT) pasteurization which creates shelf-stable milk that can last up to 6 months unopened. In comparison, regular pasteurized milk must be refrigerated and it lasts only up to about 21 days. The company makes 2% shelf-stable lactose-free milk in 32 fluid ounce containers as pictured above.

Skim Plus


The roots of Skim Plus date back to 1914 when it began as Farmland Dairies in Fairlawn, New Jersey with just ten cows. However, it wasn’t until the 1990’s that the concept of the Skim Plus brand was developed.

Today, the company produces skim milk products that are ultra-pasteurized. Its fat-free lactose-free milk contains no artificial growth hormones or antibiotics. The milk is available in half gallon sizes.

Lactose-Free Milk: Store Brands

As we have seen a rise in lactose intolerance and/or awareness about lactose, many grocery stores in the United States now offer their own lactose-free milk products. Here is a list of store brands found at major grocery stores in America:

  • Friendly Farms (Aldi) – Fat-Free, 2%, Whole
  • Great Value (Walmart) – 1%, 2%, Whole
  • Good & Gather (Target) – 1%, 2%, Vitamin D
  • Greenwise Organic (Publix) – Fat-Free, 2%, Whole
  • H-E-B – Fat-Free, Organic Fat-Free1%, 2%, 2% Organic, 2% Chocolate, Organic Whole
  • Hy-Vee – Fat Free,1%, 2%, Whole
  • Kroger – Fat-Free, 1%, 2%, Vitamin D
  • Lucerne (Safeway, Albertsons, etc.) – 1%, 2%, 2% with Calcium Added, Vitamin D
  • Meijer – Fat-Free, 2%, Whole
  • Publix – Fat-Free, 2%, Whole