Is Milk Gluten Free?

is milk gluten free

Is milk gluten free? 

Answer: When we think of gluten we often think of bread or baked goods. Gluten is derived from grains and contains two proteins known as glutenin and gliadin. Gluten is located in grains like wheat, rye, barley, and spelt. If you have ever made homemade bread or pizza dough you are probably familiar with gluten. When kneading bread, the sticky portion of the dough that keeps the dough together and forms an elasticity is the gluten.

A severe reaction to gluten happens in people with celiac disease. A small consumption of gluten for people with celiac can cause damage to the small intestine. Other signs of gluten intolerance might include diarrhea, balance loss, dizzy feeling, gas, bloating, severe headaches, inflammation, and potentially other symptoms.

If you suspect gluten is causing health problems, the route many people take is to eliminate all gluten from their diet. After gluten has been eliminated, it should be easier to tell if the potential gluten intolerance symptoms still exist. Obviously, you should seek professional medical advice and care if your symptoms are severe.

Does Milk Have Gluten?

Milk comes from a cow or sometimes other mammals. The milk you buy in the grocery store is usually simply cow’s milk with added vitamin A and vitamin D.  There are not added grains, which would make milk contain gluten. In most cases, milk is gluten free. Your milk likely won’t be spiked with potentially unwanted gluten.

However, as with most foods, there are exceptions to the rule. There are cases where processed milk includes gluten as a thickener or stabilizer. You should be cautious of flavored milk because it is more likely to contain gluten. Anything labeled with malt like malted milk  is made with barley so it also contains gluten.

It is important to read the ingredients of milk if you are trying to avoid gluten to ensure the product does not contain gluten. Milk is generally free of gluten, but it is always best to check before you drink. Be aware that milk ingredients can change at any time. It is best to routinely review the ingredients to verify gluten isn’t suddenly in your milk.

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