Organic Milk Brands – Brand List of Products

brands of organic milk

brands of organic milkOrganic milk is becoming increasingly popular as the organic food market is increasing throughout the world. We decided to create a list of organic milk brands since there isn’t a definitive list available if you do a search.

Milk is one of those products that many health experts claim should be consumed organically. Organic milk means no hormones or antibiotics. Additionally, the cows graze on organic grass and feed with the use of only natural based pesticides and limited synthetic substances.  Debatably, organic milk is healthier than regular milk. However, we do not intend to take sides on that argument at this time.

Our goal with the organic milk brands list below was to provide as many organic milk brands as we could find. We realize that there are some brands that we may have missed. We encourage you to comment below if you know of a brand that is not represented on the list. Our list features  the brands of organic milk, the milkfat percentages, and the sizes  available for each brand. Note that we did not include store brand products like Costco (Kirkland) or Whole Foods (365 Everyday Value). Additionally, we did not include raw milk products.

Organic Milk Brands

Brand/ProductMilk fat PercentagesSizes Available
Castle Rock Organic Farmswhole, 2%., fat-free, chocolate, half gallon & quarts
Clover Organic Farmswhole, 2%, 1%, fat-freewhole, 2%, fat-free = quart, half gallon, gallon.

1% = 1/2 pint, quart, half gallon, gallon.
County Line Farms------
High Meadow (Aurora)all varitieshalf gallon, gallon
Hiland Dairywhole, 2%, fat-freehalf gallons & gallons
Horizon Organicwhole, reduced fat, lowfat, fat-freegallon, half gallon

Horizon Organic DHA Omega-3lowfat chocolate, lowfat vanilla, whole, reduced fat, fat-freelowfat chocolate = 8 oz, half gallon.

Lowfat Vanilla = 8 oz.

Whole = half gallon.

Reduced Fat = half gallon.

Fat-Free = half gallon.
Horizon Organic Milk Boxeslowfat chocolate plus dha omega-3, lowfat vanilla plus dha omega-3, lowfat chocolate, lowfat plain, lowfat vanilla, lowfat strawberryall 8 oz
Humboldt Creamerywhole, whole chocolate, 2%, 1%, fat-free, white milk = half gallon, gallon.

Chocolate = quart.
Kalona Super Naturalwhole, whole chocolate, 2%, fat-freewhole = quart, half gallon, gallon.

Whole Chocolate = quart, half gallon.

2% = quart, half gallon, gallon.

Fat-Free = half gallon.

Kemp's whole, 2%, 1%, fat-freegallons
Natural By Naturewhole, 2%, 1% fat-free, chocolatewhite milk = quart, 1/2 gallon, gallon, 5 gallon.

Chocolate = quart
Organic Valley Grass-fed Milkwhole, 2%, fat-freehalf gallon
Organic Valley Lactose Free Milk (ultra pasteurized)whole, 2%, 1%whole = 64 oz.

2% = 64 oz.

1% = 32 oz & 64 oz.

Organic Valley Omega-3 (ultra pasteurized)whole, 2%all 64 oz
Organic Valley Chocolate Milk1%, 2%1% = 6.75 oz, 11 oz.

2% = 32 oz, 64 oz.
Organic Valley Single Serve White Milkwhole, 1%whole = 6.75 oz.

1% = 6.75 oz, 11 oz.
Rockview Organic Milkwhole, 2%, 1%, fat-freehalf gallons
Saint Benoitwhole jersey milk
Shamrock Farmswhole, 2%, 1%, fat-freewhole, 2%, 1%, Fat-free = 96 oz, 64 oz.

1% = 96 oz.

Stonyfield Organicwhole, 2%, 1%, fat-freehalf gallons
Straus Family Creamerywhole, reduced fat, lowfat, nonfat.whole, reduced fat, & nonfat = quart, half gallon, gallon.

Lowfat = quart half gallon.
Stremicks Heritage whole, 2%, 1%, fat-free

whole with omega-3 dha, 2% with omega-3 dha, 1% with omega-3 dha,
half gallons

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