What Are The Flavors Of Rainbow Sherbet? (Answered)

Bowl of Rainbow Sherbet

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Rainbow sherbet typically contains three flavors similar to Neapolitan ice cream. But, what are those rainbow sherbet flavors? Furthermore, do all rainbow sherbet products contain the same three flavors?

We have the answer to these questions and more. Read on for the details about the flavors of rainbow sherbet. Be sure to vote in our poll at the end of this article!

Rainbow Sherbet Flavors

According to food experts at Bon Appétit, rainbow sherbet was invented by Sealtest Dairies in Philadelphia during the 1950s. It was only able to be created after an employee had invented a nozzle that was able to fill cartons with a trio of flavors all at one time.

Naturally, you are likely wondering what were the original rainbow sherbet flavors? Early print ads, like the one below from 1954, shows its colors to be a pinkish red, white, and a darker green. The ad does not list the flavors but other ads from the era indicate it was made with vanilla, raspberry, and lemon-lime flavors.

Source: James Vaughan/flickr

Based on our review of 30+ rainbow sherbet products (see below), we found that the flavors have change a bit from the early days. Modern versions of this dessert commonly include orange as one of the signature flavors. The flavors vary beyond orange.

However, the most common three flavors of rainbow sherbet are orange, raspberry, and lime. These flavors are found in most private label (store) brands and several name brand products.

There are certainly deviations from the norm of orange, raspberry, and lime flavors. Orange, raspberry, and pineapple is an example of a popular flavor trio found in several rainbow sherbets such as Baskin Robbins, Crystal, and Publix. Orange, lemon, and lime flavors are also relatively popular and are in brands like Mayfield, Kemps, and Hood.

In summary, there are no definitive flavors for rainbow sherbet. Manufacturers have the ability to interpret their idea of the flavors of rainbow sherbet. However, the modern norm is to use orange as a signature flavor along with complementary other fruit flavors like raspberry, lemon, lime, and/or pineapple.

Rainbow Sherbet BrandFlavors
Baskin RobbinsOrange, Raspberry, Pineapple
Blue BellOrange, Strawberry, Lime
Blue RibbonOrange, Lemon, Lime
Cedar CrestOrange, Raspberry, Lime
Friendly’sOrange, Raspberry, Lime
Good HumorOrange, Raspberry, Lime
MayfieldOrange, Lemon, Lime
KempsOrange, Lemon, Lime
Turkey HillOrange, Raspberry, Lemon-Lime
Meadow GoldOrange, Raspberry, Lime
HoodOrange, Lemon, Lime
UmpquaOrange, Lemon, Lime
Perry’sOrange, Raspberry, Lime
PurityOrange, Raspberry, Lime
Laura LynnOrange, Raspberry, Lime
Edy’s – Berry RainbowOrange, Raspberry, Blackberry
CrystalOrange, Raspberry, Pineapple
Dean’s Country FreshOrange, Raspberry, Lime
Smith’sOrange, Raspberry, Lime
SchnucksOrange, Raspberry, Lime
Stone Ridge CreameryOrange, Raspberry, Pineapple
United Dairy FarmersOrange, Raspberry, Lime
Island FarmsOrange, Raspberry, Lime
Toft’sOrange, Raspberry, Lime
PublixOrange, Pineapple, Lime
Bayview FarmsOrange, Raspberry, Pineapple
Purple CowOrange, Raspberry, Lime
LucerneOrange, Raspberry, Lime
Signature SelectOrange, Raspberry, Lime
Favorite DayOrange, Lemon, Lime
H-E-BOrange, Strawberry, Lime
KrogerOrange, Raspberry, Lime
Great Value Orange, Raspberry, Lime

Favorite Rainbow Sherbet Flavors?

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