Does Ranch Dressing Have Dairy?

ranch dressing dairy

Question: Does ranch dressing have dairy?

Answer: Ranch is the most popular salad dressing in the United States. Its versatility allows it to be used not for just salads but for other things like dips, chips, burgers, and much more. Although ranch dressing is popular, many of us don’t necessarily know its ingredients. A question many people ask is “Does ranch dressing contain dairy?”. Let’s take a look to see if ranch does have dairy.

To determine if ranch dressing contains dairy we reviewed the ingredients of five top-selling ranch dressing products: Hidden Valley, Kraft, Ken’s Steakhouse, Newman’s Own, and Wish-Bone.

Based on our review, ranch dressing does have dairy. All of the above ranch dressing products contain buttermilk with some containing additional dairy like milk. Buttermilk is made by introducing a culture or bacteria into milk, which produces its tangy flavor. Commercially made buttermilk is not actually derived from butter as its name might imply.  However, long ago it was customary for buttermilk to be made from leftover butter byproducts.