Sugar Free Greek Yogurt Brands


Have you ever tried to find a sugar free Greek yogurt? Chances are you didn’t have any luck. All yogurt made from animal milk naturally has sugar known as lactose.

While technically sugar free Greek yogurt brands do not exist because of the lactose, there are Greek yogurt options that only contain natural sugar from the milk and no added sugar.

If you are ever in a store and are wondering if a Greek yogurt product has added sugar, simply look at the ingredients on the label.  A product without added sugar will not have sugar listed as an ingredient as shown in the top photo below (plain, nonfat Dannon Oikos). You will notice the only ingredient is milk. The photo on the bottom is Fage Total O% Strawberry, which contains added cane sugar.

Below you will find a list of no added sugar Greek yogurt products. We included a selection of brands and products with their nutrition facts.

We first completed this list a couple of years ago and at that time most no sugar added yogurt was plain yogurt. Go ahead and say “boring”, we agree. As you can see below, yogurt companies have since added flavored varieties. However, be aware these products can include sugar substitutes like stevia.

We were able to find products containing plain Greek yogurt with honey and no added sugar. An example would be Fage Total with honey. We did not include the honey products on the list below because while they did not technically have added sugar, the honey tended to dramatically increase the sugar content.

Unfortunately with many Greek yogurt products their ingredients make them more like a dessert than a healthy Greek yogurt snack or meal. However, you will notice that the products below have less than 8 grams of sugar, making them a solid choice for those looking to consume minimal sugar daily.

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