How Much Sugar Is In Vanilla Ice Cream? (Answered)

It’s no secret that vanilla ice cream has sugar. Some of it is natural from milk sugar whereas most of it is added during manufacturing.

But, how much sugar is really in vanilla ice cream? Below you will find the answer based on the sugar content data from several brands. Let’s get into what you need to know!

Sugar In Vanilla Ice Cream

The sugar in vanilla ice cream varies by brand.

However, we pulled the sugar content for 17 varieties of vanilla ice cream to give you an average of total and added sugars. As the bottom of the table below shows, 19.12 grams was the average for total sugars and 13.82 grams was the average for added sugars for the ice cream featured.

Vanilla Ice CreamServing SizeTotal Sugars (g)Added Sugars (g)
Breyers Natural Vanilla2/3 Cup (88g)19g14g
Edy’s Classics Vanilla 2/3 Cup (103g)20g14g
Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla2/3 Cup (118g)26g17g
Haagen-Dazs Vanilla2/3 Cup (129g)25g18g
Tillamook Old-Fashioned Vanilla2/3 Cup21g16g
Hudsonville Vanilla Bean2/3 Cup (85g)18g13g
Turkey Hill Original Vanilla 2/3 Cup (87g)16g11g
Alden’s Organic Old Fashioned Vanilla2/3 Cup (89g)18g15g
Lactaid Vanilla 2/3 cup (95g)16g12g
Blue Bunny Vanilla2/3 Cup (87g)18g13g
Prairie Farms Vanilla 2/3 Cup (92g)20g15g
Friendly’s French Vanilla2/3 Cup (88g)19g15g
Kemp’s Old Fashioned Vanilla2/3 Cup (95g)18g12g
Great Value Homestyle Vanilla2/3 Cup (89g)18g13g
Favorite Day Homemade Vanilla2/3 Cup (86g)18g13g
Kroger Deluxe Vanilla 2/3 Cup (87g)16g10g
365 Whole Foods Vanilla2/3 Cup (96g)19g14g

Recommended Daily Added Sugar

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends that we limit our added sugar intake to 10% of total calories. This applies to people 2 years and older.

Therefore, if your diet is 2,500 calories per day, you would be limited to under 250 calories from added sugar. In other words, you would be able to consume up to 62.5 grams of added sugar by following the recommendation. The math is (250 calories from added sugar ÷ 4 calories per gram of sugar = 62.5 grams of added sugar).

The average added sugar of the vanilla ice cream varieties above was almost 14 grams. That is quite a bit of added sugar for only a 2/3 cup serving size.

This is particularly true if you are on a lower-calorie diet. Say your recommended daily added sugar is only 25 grams on a 1,000-calorie diet. The 14 grams of added sugar you eat with a serving of vanilla ice cream leaves little room for additional added sugar for the remaining of the day.