Where To Buy Ice Cream Cakes?

Ice cream cakes are a favorite alternative to traditional flour-based cakes for many people. They are believed to date back to 1800s England but some sources claim they are even older, dating to the sixteenth century.

Today, we are spoiled with the abundant options for ice cream cakes. Most major grocery stores carry them with some favorite store-bought brands being Carvel, Friendly’s, Uncle Harry’s, Turkey Hill, and Good Humor. The higher-end and customizable cakes are typically found at ice cream stores such as Dairy Queen or Baskin Robbins.

Below you will find a list of popular places to buy ice cream cakes. All places allow for online ordering with many of the ice cream shops allowing for personalization such as “Happy 10th Birthday!” or whatever you wish to say.

Beyond this list you may be able to find local ice cream cakes made by smaller companies. A Google search for “Ice Cream Cakes Near Me” or something similar will help you find these businesses.

Buy Ice Cream Cakes

Products AvailableOnline Ordering (Yes or No)?Website
Ice Cream Shops
Dairy Queen (DQ)DQ Round Cakes, DQ Sheet Cakes, DQ Blizzard Cakes (Round).Yesdairyqueen.com/en-us/cakes/
Baskin RobbinsNumerous Available.Yesbaskinrobbins.com
Cold Stone CreamerySignature Cakes, Birthday Cakes, Custom Cakes, Kid Themed Cakes, Petite Cakes, Ice Cream Cupcakes, DIY Cupcakes Kit. Yescoldstonecreamery.com/cakes/birthdaycakes/
Ben & Jerry’sCustom Ice Cream Cakes (2 layers of ice cream, layer of crumble, brownie base).Yesbenjerry.com/scoop-shops/cakes
CarvelBirthday, Holiday, Custom, Sports. Various Shapes. Varies Based on Store Locationcarvel.com/cakes
OberweisVarious Round Cakes (See Website. Products may vary by state.)Yesoberweis.com/home-delivery/browsing/category//
Marble Slab CreameryVarious Round Cakes (See Website).Yesmarbleslab.com
Menchie’s (Frozen Yogurt)Custom, Seasonal, Kids’ Favorites, Decadent, Collectible Characters, Birthday & Celebration. Round & Sheet. Yesmenchies.com/cakes
Bruster’sCustom (Flavors, Cake, Writing).Yesbartlebyscakes.com
Good BellyVarious. Yesgoldbelly.com/foods/ice-cream-cake
Bartleby’s (Chicago Area)Custom, Custom Animal, Giant Ice Cream Sandwich, Valentine’s, Vegan, GF, Dairy. Yes. Pick Up or Delivery in Chicago. See Site for Details.bartlebyscakes.com
Kelly’s (Florida Locations)100% Ice Cream, No Cake. Various flavors. Round (6″ or 8″). Yeskellyshomemadeicecream.com
Grocery Stores
WalmartVarious such as OREO, Carvel, Friendly’s, Reese’s, Marketside.Yes. Grocery Delivery or Pick-Up.walmart.com
KrogerVarious such as Uncle Harry’s, Reese’s, Good Humor Viennetta.Yes. Grocery Delivery or Pick-Up.kroger.com
MeijerVarious such as Carvel, OREO, Jon Donaire, Turkey Hill, Rich’s.Yes. Grocery Delivery or Pick-Up.meijer.com
H-E-BVarious such as OREO, H-E-B.Yes. Grocery Delivery or Pick-Up.heb.com
PublixVarious: Carvel, OREO, Reese’s, Jon Donaire, Good Humor Viennetta.Yes. Grocery Delivery or Pick-Up.publix.com
SafewayVarious: Signature Select (Round & Sheet) , Carvel OREO, Good Humor Viennetta.Yes. Grocery Delivery or Pick-Up.safeway.com
AlbertsonsVarious: Signature Select (Round & Sheet), Jon Donaire.Yes. Grocery Delivery or Pick-Up.albertsons.com
Weis MarketsVarious: Carvel, Abilyn’s, Celebrate, Denali, Uncle Harry’s, Friendly’s, Reese’s.Yes. Grocery Delivery or Pick-Up.weismarkets.com
Giant EagleVarious: Carvel, Resse’s, OREO, Jon Donaire. Yes. Grocery Delivery or Pick-Up.gianteagle.com
Raley’sVarious: Carvel, Jon Donaire.Yes. Grocery Delivery or Pick-Up.raleys.com
Stop & ShopVarious: Carvel, Friendly’s, OREO, Reese’sYes. Grocery Delivery or Pick-Up.stopandshop.com