Yogurt Brands: The Big List of Brands

Greek Yogurt Brands

You have probably noticed the enormous selection of yogurt brands if you are a regular grocery shopper. The selection of yogurt brands and products seems to expand upon each visit to the grocery store. It can be very difficult to figure out what to buy. This is especially true since there is now not just regular yogurt available, but products like Greek yogurt, Icelandic yogurt, Bulgarian yogurt, and more.

We have put together a list of yogurt brands to make it easy for readers to see what is available. The list includes a wide variety of products from common brands like Yoplait and Dannon to lesser known grass-fed and organic products. We chose not to include store brands in the list like Whole Foods (365 Everyday Value) or Trader Joe’s. Please comment at the end of this article if you know of a brand that should be included on the list and we will do our best to add it.

Yogurt Brands

BrandProductsTypes of Yogurt Available
ActiviaRegular, Light, Greek, Fruit Fusion, Regular, Greek
Annie's Homegrown (Organic)Regular Whole Milk, Regular Whole Milk GrassfedRegular. Regular Grassfed
Atlanta Fresh2%, NonfatGreek (Grass-fed)
Bellwether FarmsFruit on the Bottom, Vanilla, PlainSheep Milk Yogurt
Berkeley FarmsLowfat, Fruit on the Bottom Lowfat, NonfatRegular
Black Sheep Yogurt (Old Chatham)Sheep Milk YogurtSheep Milk Yogurt
Blue HillSavory YogurtRegular Grass-Fed Yogurt
Butterworks Farms(Organic)Whole, NonfatRegular
CabotGreek Lowfat, Greek Whole MilkRegular, Greek-Style
Capretta Rich & Creamy, Lowfat, NonfatGoat Yogurt
Clover (Organic)Greek Nonfat Yogurt

Regular: Lowfat & Cream on Top

**Offer Lowfat Organic & Natural (Non-Organic). All others are organic.
Regular, Greek
Coach FarmGoat's Milk YogurtGoat Milk Yogurt, Drinkable Goat Milk Yogurt
DannonFruit on the Bottom, All Natural, Classics, DrinksRegular, Drinks
Brown CowCream Top, Nonfat, Non-GMO GreekRegular, Greek
ChobaniFruit on the Bottom, Blended, Plain, Greek Simply 100, Flip, Mighty Oats & Ancient Grains, Kids, Tots, IndulgentGreek
Dannon DanimalsSmoothies, Squeezables, Nonfat YogurtRegular Yogurt, Smoothies
Dannon Light & FitRegular, Greek, Smoothie, Carb & Sugar ControlRegular, Greek, Smoothie
Dreaming CowCream TopGrass-fed Yogurt
The Epic SeedNonfatGreek Yogurt (Grass-Fed)
Ellenos---Greek Yogurt
Evolve Kefir YogurtLowfat Kefir Greek Yogurt, KefirGreek Kefir Yogurt, Kefir
FageTotal & Total Split Cup: Total, 2%, 0%.

Horizon OrganicFat-Free & Cream on Top.

Tuberz (Yogurt Tubes)
Icelandic ProvisionsTraditional Icelandic SkyrIcelandic Yogurt (Skyr)
Kalona Super Natural (organic)Greek: Whole Milk.

Regular/Cream Top: 2%, 5%
Regular, Greek
KempsLight YogurtRegular
LALAYogurt Smoothies, Greek Smoothies, Regular YogurtSmoothie, Greek Smoothie, Regular Yogurt,
LiberteWhole Milk YogurtRegular
Greek GodsGreek Nonfat, Greek TraditionalGreek, Kefir
Greek PasturesWhole Milk, 2%, NonfatGreek (Grass-Fed)
Green Valley Organic - Lactose FreeLowfat yogurtLactose Free Yogurt
Maple Hill Creamery (Organic, Grassfed) Full Fat Regular Yogurt, Greek Full Fat, Yogurt Drinkables, KefirRegular, Greek, Yogurt Drinkables, Kefir
Mountain HighWhole Milk, Lowfat, Fat-FreeRegular
Nancy's Regular Organic: Whole Milk, Lowfat, Nonfat.

All Natural: Whole Milk, Lowfat, Nonfat.

Probiotic Greek: whole Milk, Nonfat

Sweet Cream Organic


Regular, Greek, Sweet Cream, Soy, Kefir
NoosaAussie YoghurtAussie Style Yoghurt
Oak Knoll DairyPlain, Nonfat VanillaGoat Milk Yogurt
OikosTriple Zero Greek Nonfat, Greek Nonfat, Traditional Greek, Crunch Greek Nonfat Yogurt & ToppingGreek
Organic ValleyRegular Whole Milk (Grassfed)Regular Grassmilk Yogurt
Pavel's YogurtWhole Milk, 2%, NonfatRussian Yogurt
Pequea Valley FarmsBlueberry, PeachRegular Grass-fed
Powerful YogurtHigh-Protein YogurtGreek Yogurt
Redwood Hill FarmGoat Yogurt, Goat KefirEuropean-Style Goat Milk Yogurt, Goat Kefir
Saint Benoit (Organic)Whole Milk YogurtRegular Yogurt
Seven Stars Farm (Organic)Whole & Lowfat YogurtRegular
SideHill FarmWhole, LowfatRegular Grass-fed Yogurt
Siggi's Skyr, Filmjolk (drinkable yogurt), TubesIcelandic Style Yogurt (Skyr), Filmjolk
SkyHill FarmsWhole, NonfatGoat Milk Yogurt
Smari OrganicIcelandic YogurtIcelandic Yogurt
Sophie Nonfat Greek
Stonyfield OrganicGreek Whole Milk, Greek 0%, Greek & Chia, Oh My Yog!, 100% Grassfed, Fruit on the Bottom, Smooth & Creamy, Organic Protein Drink, Smoothies, O'Soy, YoBaby, YoTot, YoKids, Yogurt PouchesRegular, Greek, Soy, Smoothies
Straus Family Creamery (Organic)Regular Whole Milk, Regular Lowfat, Regular Nonfat, Greek Whole Milk, Greek Nonfat Regular, Greek
TarteAsian YogurtAsian Yogurt
TillamookGreek 0% Parfait, Greek 0%, Greek 2%, Lowfat YogurtGreek, Lowfat Yogurt
TrimonaWhole Milk YogurtBulgarian Yogurt (Grass-fed)
Wallaby OrganicBlended Lowfat, Greek Nonfat, Greek Lowfat, Greek, Kefir Lowfat, Kefir Whole MilkRegular, Greek, Kefir,
White MountainOrganic & Non-Organic Bulgarian: Whole, Nonfat.

Greek: Whole Milk
Greek, Bulgarian Yogurt
Yami YogurtNonfat, Lowfat Fruit on the Bottom, Organic Blended Fruit, Non-organic Blended FruitLactose-Free
Yoatz4% Yogurt + OatsGreek
YoCrunchLowfat Regular with Topping
YoplaitOriginal, Light, Whips, Thick and Creamy, Greek, Greek 100, Greek 100 Whips, Plenti, Go-Gurt, Trix, Kids, Go-GurtRegular, Regular Light, Whips, Greek 100 Whips, Greek 100, Greek, Lactose Free
VoskosBlended, Fruit on the Bottom, Nonfat, OriginalGreek
Zen MonkeyJuicy Oats + Nonfat Greek Yogurt + FruitGreek
ZoiTraditional, NonfatGreek

2 thoughts on “Yogurt Brands: The Big List of Brands”

  1. i used to get a full fat thick & creamy yogurt called fruit basket, is this still about and where can i buy from.

  2. I recently was in Japan and at the hotels we stayed they served a plain yogurt which you pour in a bowl and can add different grains, granola, dry or fresh fruits.
    I totally fell in love with it.
    I am trying to find that type of yogurt in the US but the yogurts here are much thicker than the yogurt I had in Japan which you can pour in a bowl and is more like a soup.
    Can I find that type of yogurt in the US.
    Thank you,

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