Does Banana Have Lactose?

No, a banana does not have lactose. Lactose is a sugar that is only in milk. Specifically, lactose is only in the milk of mammals such as goats, cows, and sheep. Since a banana does not contain mammal milk, it does not contain lactose. You are okay to eat a banana without the potential side …

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Are SpaghettiOs Vegan?

Original SpaghettiOs are not vegan. This classic canned pasta contains non-vegan-friendly ingredients such as modified cheddar cheese, enzyme-modified butter, and skim milk. Since these ingredients come from animal milk, they are not vegan. In addition to Original SpagjettiOs, the manufacturer, Campbell’s, also makes other varieties of this pasta. The following other SpaghettiOs products are also …

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Does Honey Mustard Have Dairy?

Generally, honey mustard does not contain dairy. Its common ingredients are vinegar, mustard seed, water, sugar, and honey. All of these ingredients are dairy-free. We supplied the ingredients of several popular honey mustard products below. You can see that all of these honey mustard brands do not contain dairy. However, this does not mean that …

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Does Buffalo Sauce Have Dairy?

Is Buffalo Sauce Dairy-Free? Buffalo sauce is one of those tricky food products that is difficult to determine whether it has dairy without looking at the ingredients. This is particularly true given its often creamy texture. The truth is that some Buffalo sauces have dairy and some do not. Unfornately, we cannot provide a definitive …

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Does Baileys Have Dairy?

Image Credit – Personal Creations/flickr Q: Does Baileys have dairy? When most people think of Baileys, the popular Baileys Original Irish Cream comes to mind. As you likely already guessed by the word “Cream” in its name, this product contains dairy. In addition to Irish whiskey, spirits, and chocolate & vanilla flavors as ingredients, this …

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Is Greek Yogurt Fattening?

Greek Yogurt Fattening

Greek yogurt started to become the cool kid in about 2009 with its popularity spiking over recent years. There are now whole sections of the grocery store devoted to just Greek yogurt. As the number of Greek yogurt products have rapidly increased, so to has the confusion over which products are healthy or unhealthy. It …

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