Full-Fat Yogurt Brands

brands of full ft yogurt

Many people avoid full-fat yogurt because it is perceived to be unhealthy. However, some studies have found that full-fat dairy does not increase health issues like heart disease and type 2 diabetes from eating full-fat versus low-fat dairy. There are even studies that suggest that full-fat dairy is better for weight loss purposes compared to

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Are There Eggs In Yogurt?

Yogurt is mainly made from milk, live cultures, thickening agents, and sometimes toppings or mix-ins like fruit or honey. Yogurt does not contain eggs. However, you should always check the ingredients if eggs are a concern for you. There is usually an exception to the rule someplace.

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Greek Yogurt Brands

Brands of Greek Yogurt

We previously completed a big list of yogurt brands that encompassed all types of dairy yogurt. However, due to the popularity of Greek yogurt, we have put together the below list of only Greek yogurt brands. This list makes it easier for people to find Greek yogurt products without having to sift through a list

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