Full-Fat Yogurt Brands

brands of full ft yogurt

Full-fat yogurt is one of the cool kids of the dairy world as of late. As the below video indicates, full-fat yogurt has seen a large year-over-year increase over the past year. This is partly due to studies that have shown that full-fat dairy may be better for your health than low-fat or non-fat varieties. …

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Are There Eggs In Yogurt?

Yogurt is mainly made from milk, live cultures, thickening agents, and sometimes toppings or mix-ins like fruit or honey. Yogurt does not contain eggs. However, you should always check the ingredients if eggs are a concern for you. There is usually an exception to the rule someplace.

Greek Yogurt Brands

Brands of Greek Yogurt

We previously completed a big list of yogurt brands that encompassed all types of dairy yogurt. However, due to the popularity of Greek yogurt, we have put together the below list of only Greek yogurt brands. This list makes it easier for people to find Greek yogurt products without having to sift through a list …

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Lactose-Free Yogurt Brands

lactose free yogurt

Yogurt is made from milk. Milk naturally contains a sugar known as lactose. So you are probably asking how can there be lactose-free yogurt brands? You would assume that lactose would be in every milk-based yogurt product. Yes, while the majority of yogurt products do contain lactose, there are some exceptions. The way to break …

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Simple Yogurt Popsicles

As we discussed in our article about freezing yogurt, you can freeze regular yogurt in the freezer to create a yogurt popsicle. It only requires a few popsicle sticks, yogurt, and a freezer. Simply jam the sticks through the top center of the yogurt lid. Freeze the yogurt for about 8-10 hours and enjoy your …

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Can You Freeze Yogurt?

can you freeze yogurt

Can you freeze yogurt? Yogurt is a dairy product and has a short shelf-life relative many other food items. It can also be expensive, especially when you buy Greek yogurt. Ideally, most of us would probably like to eat our yogurt fresh. However, there are those circumstances where you just cannot eat it before it …

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How Long Can Yogurt Sit Out?

how long can yogurt be left out

How long can yogurt sit out? Yogurt is a dairy product (made from milk) and it is perishable. Leaving it at room temperature for too long can cause bacteria to rapidly multiply causing the product to spoil. There is a myth that yogurt will not spoil because the milk is already fermented and it already …

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