Does Pizza Dough Have Eggs?

Question: Does pizza dough have eggs?

Answer: Pizza dough does not typically contain eggs. The common ingredients found in pizza dough are flour, water, salt, sugar, olive oil, and yeast. There is no need for eggs to create a tasty pizza dough.

We looked at a selection of popular pizza restaurants to see if any of their dough contained eggs. None of the restaurants we checked used eggs in their dough. See below:

Papa Johns: The company makes the following dough options: original hand tossed, pan, and thin crust. None of these dough choices have eggs.

Dominos: Dominos offers Brooklyn crust, gluten free crust, handmade pan crust, hand tossed crust and thin crust. There are no eggs in these doughs based on the company’s allergen information.

Little Caesars: No eggs listed as allergens for their pizzas.

Sbarro: Eggs are not listed as an allergen for their pizza. Note that Sbarro strombolis have eggs but not the pizza dough.

Chuck E Cheese’s: The company website reflects the following question in the FAQ section, “Does your dough contain animal products?”. Chuck E Cheese’s answers, “It contains Whey (milk)”. Based on this information, there are no eggs in their dough.

While most pizza dough does not contain eggs, this does not mean that all are eggless. Review the latest ingredients if eggs or other allergens are a concern for you.