Do English Muffins Have Eggs? (Answered)

English muffins are a popular breakfast food that can be enjoyed in many different ways. They are often toasted and topped with butter, jam, or other spreads, or used as a base for breakfast sandwiches.

Given the love for English muffins, many people have questions about what is in them. One frequently asked question is whether they contain eggs.

This article will inform you if store-bought, homemade, and restaurant English muffins commonly contain eggs. Here is what you need to know about eggs in English muffins…

Store-Bought English Muffins & Eggs

English muffins do not typically contain eggs. The food allergens that are generally more of a concern are milk, soy, and wheat.

We reviewed the ingredients of some of the most popular English muffin products to see specifically if any contain eggs. As you can see in the table below, none of the products listed had eggs in them at the time of this article.

However, don’t put your guard down if avoiding eggs is vital to you. There may be potential outliers that have eggs. You should read the ingredients/allergen information on the packaging of any English muffin, including the products below, to verify no eggs are in them.

English MuffinEgg Ingredients (Yes or No)?
Thomas’ – OriginalNo
Thomas’ – Cinnamon RaisinNo
Bay’s – OriginalNo
Bay’s – BriocheNo
Dave’s Killer Bread – ClassicNo
Rudi’s Rocky Mountain Bakery –
Food for Life – Organic Sprouted FlaxNo
Old Tyme 647 – Original No
GreenWise – SourdoughNo
Kroger – PlainNo
Great Value – Fork SplitNo

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Homemade English Muffins & Eggs

We reviewed the ingredients of 25+ English muffin recipes and many do not call for eggs. However, you can find some recipes that use eggs for flavoring, structure, and other purposes.

The best part about making your own English muffins is that you control the ingredients and can select a recipe that does or does not use eggs based on your preference. You can also make sure that no potential unwanted ingredients inadvertently end up in your English muffins.

We suggest carefully reviewing the list of ingredients of any recipe if you wish to avoid eggs. There are numerous egg-free and even vegan recipes for English muffins online so you have plenty of options.

Restaurant English Muffins & Eggs

We would not trust that any English muffin ordered at a restaurant is egg-free unless it can be confidently verified by the restaurant that no eggs are in it. Furthermore, the issue of cross-contamination poses a genuine concern in restaurants where English muffins may not contain egg ingredients but can still come into contact with them through shared equipment or other means. This is especially true given English muffins are often topped or served alongside eggs where cross-contamination is a real concern.

If you are strict about avoiding eggs, it may be best to avoid eating English muffins at a restaurant given the concerns noted above. Ultimately, you will have to use your own judgement on what you trust is safe to eat at any given restaurant.

Final Thoughts

English muffins do not typically contain eggs in their ingredients. However, it’s always important to check the label or ask about the ingredients if you have any dietary restrictions. There are certainly English muffins out there that do have eggs so do your own due diligence before consuming English muffins if living egg-free is important to you.