Does Horseradish Sauce Have Dairy ? (Answered)

Horseradish sauce is a popular condiment enjoyed with a variety of dishes, including roast beef, sandwiches, and even seafood. However, for those with dietary restrictions, it can be challenging to determine the ingredients that are used to make this sauce, particularly whether or not it contains dairy.

With the rise of lactose intolerance and other dairy-related allergies, it’s essential to know what’s in the food we consume. In this article, we’ll explore the question of whether horseradish sauce has dairy and provide a definitive answer for those who are curious or have specific dietary requirements.

Store-Bought Horseradish Sauce & Dairy

Store-bought horseradish sauce typically does not contain dairy. However, there are some horseradish sauces that do contain it so you have to be careful about selecting one if you want to avoid dairy.

Of the 16 horseradish sauces featured below, only two brands contain dairy to give you an idea of how often you will find dairy in the sauce. Eggs are a much more common food allergen found in horseradish sauce compared to milk (dairy).

Store-bought horseradish is often made with these primary ingredients: horseradish, vinegar, oil, eggs, salt, preservatives, artificial flavoring, and high-fructose corn syrup, and/or corn syrup.

Horseradish ProductDairy (Yes or No)?Noted Potential Allergens
Kraft Horseradish SauceNoEggs
Heinz Premium Horseradish SauceNoEggs
Arby’s Horsey Sauce (Store-Bought Variety)NoEggs
Beaver Brand Deli Horseradish SauceNoEggs
Gold’s Zesty Horseradish SauceNoEggs
Reese Prepared Horseradish SauceNoEggs
Woeber’s Horseradish SauceNoEggs
Bookbinder’s Creamy Horseradish SauceNoEggs
Silver Spring Sassy Horseradish SauceNoEggs
Boar’s Head Pub Style Horseradish SauceNoEggs
Beano’s Heavenly Horseradish SauceNoEgg
Stonewall Kitchen Horseradish Cream SauceNoEgg
Dietz & Watson Smoky Horseradish SauceNoEgg
Pike Pier Fisherman Original HorseradishYes Eggs, Milk
Captain Toady’s Hardy Horseradish SauceYesEggs, Milk
Hickory Farms Horseradish SauceNoEggs, Soy
Great Value Original Horseradish SauceNoEggs
Kroger Horseradish SauceNoEggs
**Ingredients can change without notice. Reference the actual product labels for the most accurate ingredient and allergen information. We did not check for the possibility of cross-contamination of any allergen, including milk (dairy), for any of the above sauce.**

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Homemade Horseradish Sauce & Dairy

Homemade horseradish sauce recipes often call for dairy, particularly sour cream. However, if you are preparing it at home, there is no need to worry about dairy unless you add it intentionally.

You can easily make your own dairy-free horseradish sauce by mixing grated horseradish with vinegar, salt, and other seasonings to taste. There are various dairy-free horseradish recipes found online if you wish to make your own.

Final Thoughts

In summary, horseradish is a plant-based food that does not contain dairy by itself. However, some horseradish sauce products may contain dairy, so it is important to check the label carefully. If you are making horseradish sauce or other horseradish-based dishes at home, you can easily avoid dairy by using plant-based/non-dairy ingredients.

image credit – Tony Alter/flickr