What Is Skim Milk?

what is skim milk

Question: What is skim milk? Answer: Milk is classified based on the fat percentage that it holds. When you have shopped for milk at the grocery store you have likely noticed that there are four main types of milk: skim, 1%, 2% and whole milk.  Skim milk is produced the same way as other milk …

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Does Milk Have Vitamin D?

does milk have vitamin d

You have probably tirelessly heard that milk does a body good. It contains substantial protein, calcium, and supplies many additional benefits. But what about vitamin D? Does milk have vitamin D? Vitamin D is responsible for assisting with the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the body. It aids in supporting teeth and bone health. Additionally. it helps support …

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Is Milk Gluten Free?

is milk gluten free

Is milk gluten free?  Answer: When we think of gluten we often think of bread or baked goods. Gluten is derived from grains and contains two proteins known as glutenin and gliadin. Gluten is located in grains like wheat, rye, barley, and spelt. If you have ever made homemade bread or pizza dough you are probably familiar with gluten. …

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Does Yogurt Have Milk?

Does Yogurt Have Milk

Question: Does yogurt have milk? Answer: Yes, yogurt does have milk and it is considered a dairy product. Milk is in all dairy-based yogurt types like Greek,  Icelandic (skyr), Bulgarian, Australian-style, and more. However, there are yogurt-like products that are made from ingredients like soy, almonds, or coconut that are not derived from milk. While these yogurt alternatives …

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Is Milk Acidic?

is milk an acid or base

Deciding if milk is an acid or base requires us to look at its pH. You can see by the image below that 0 is a strong acid like battery acid while  something like a drain cleaner has a high base pH of 14 on the alkaline side of the scale. Cow’s milk  is close …

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How Much Water Is In Milk?

is there water in milk

You may not have even considered water as an ingredient of cow’s milk. However, there is a lot of it in there. Milk consists of approximately 88% water. The remaining approximate contents of milk are lactose (milk sugar)  5%, fat 3.5%, protein 3.2%, and ash less than 1%. The composition of milk depends on the …

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Does Milk Have Sugar?

does milk have sugar

It is unlikely that most people have thoroughly examined the nutrition facts of milk. Maybe many people have glanced at the calories or protein, but something like sugar is probably not often considered for review. After all, many people probably wouldn’t expect milk to have sugar. But, does milk have sugar? Go take a look …

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Evaporated Milk In Coffee

Evaporated Milk In Coffee

If you are a devoted coffee and cream person, you know what a nightmare it can be when the cream runs out before the next morning coffee. Drinking black coffee just isn’t an option. What to do? You can head to the store, go knocking on the neighbors door hoping they have some cream to …

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