Tin Roof Ice Cream: Flavor Profile & Facts

Blue Bell Tin Roof Ice Cream

What Is Tin Roof Ice Cream?

Modern versions of Tin Roof ice cream are typically made with vanilla ice cream, chocolate fudge sauce, and chocolate-covered peanuts. This varies from the original recipe as you will read later in this article.

Who Invented Tin Roof Ice Cream?

In the early 1930s, the Tin Roof Sundae was first served at The Potter Drug Co., which now goes by the name The Potter Sundry. Located in Potter, Nebraska, this establishment began its journey in 1916 as a pharmacy. The creation of the Tin Roof Sundae is attributed to Harold Dean “Pinky” Thayer, the son of the pharmacist.

According to The Potter Sundry menu, Pinky used a soda glass to layer the five ingredients of his Tin Roof sundae invention. These ingredients were as follows from bottom to top layer: vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, chocolate ice cream, marshmallow creme, and then an ice cream topping of Spanish peanuts.

You can still visit The Potter Sundry and purchase this iconic ice cream in mini, regular, and large sizes. They also sell an array of other foods such as sandwiches, salads, burgers, and chicken strips.

How Was Tin Roof Ice Cream Named?

The details are murky on how Tin Roof was named. However, one belief is that the inventor looked to the ceiling as he took his first bite of the ice cream and saw tin tiles hanging above. These tiles are said to have helped inspire him to name the now iconic ice cream flavor.

Who Makes Tin Roof Ice cream?

Tin Roof ice cream is not easy to find at stores. You might need to do some research on your own to find it near you.

That being said, if you are looking for this ice cream flavor, these brands may potential make it for you to purchase:

  • Berkey Creamery – Berkey Creamery is located at Penn State at the Rodney A. Erickson Food
    Science Building. It’s ice cream can be shipped to your home also. Visit creamery.psu.edu for details.
  • Best Choice – Best Choice products are sold at more than 3,400 independent grocery stores in the U.S.
  • Blue Bell – This ice cream brand is primarily sold in the southern portion of the United States. However, you can visit the manufacturer’s website to search where/if it can be purchased near you. The is a limited edition flavor so it might not be available by the time you read this article.
  • Turkey Hill – Turkey Hill is another option for Tin Roof. This brand is sold at a variety of grocery stores including places like Walmart, Food Lion, Giant, Winn Dixie, and Wegmans. Visit the company’s website to learn where to buy this ice cream around you.
  • Dean’s Country Fresh – Country Fresh is a Michigan brand with its products heavily sold in Central Michigan.
  • Crystal Creamery – Crystal makes 48-ounce cartons of Tin Roof. This ice cream has a heavy presence in California.
  • Belfonte – You can find this brand at stores such as Price Chopper, HyVee, Apple Market, and others.
  • Great Value – Great Value is a brand of Walmart and is exclusive to its stores. The Walmart website lists Great Value Tin Roof as a product but it wasn’t in stock after a search of several stores in various areas. This ice cream is likely discontinued , seasonal or a limited edition product.
  • Island Farms – This brand is available in British Columbia, Canada and is made with 100% Canadian dairy.
  • Blue Bunny/Blue Ribbon – Blue Bunny and Blue Ribbon are ice cream brands of Unilever. They both produced Tin Roof recently but we couldn’t find it in stock at several stores where it was once carried. Keep checking stores for this flavor.

Image Credit: DJ Ghost/flickr